First Composition Score Original West Coast Swing/Ballroom Music First Composition Score

 To order a Man Cave West Coast Swing Music CD shipped by the factory to your door, click on the CD image.  The CD can also be ordered from the WestcoastFA facebook page, and the FAWestcoast twitter page.

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First Composition Score

My music is available at RouteNote Direct; RouteNote published my music to other sites.

Videos for First Composition and Man Cave, many of which show examples of west coast swing rhythm breaks, are all on YouTube and also     

A soft rock arrangement of Asturias Leyenda, and the title track of the album Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh are also on YouTube.

As of this date, Shazam correctly identifies my music and in most cases has a link to the YouTube videos.  
Soundhound does not.

Updated 03/11/2018

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