First Composition Score Original West Coast Swing/Ballroom Music First Composition Score

 To find my music, please follow the link in the image below.

  High Definition Videos for First Composition and Man Cave, many of which show examples of west coast swing rhythm breaks, are all on Rumble.  The images look great and the higher quality music sounds great on a 60 inch 4K TV.  One can almost hear the rumble, no pun intended, from the baritone voices in Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

   Ballroom and other dance scenes set to music.  This was the First Composition using pan flute, clarinet, overdriven guitar, acoustic guitar and fretless bass.
   Images of pretty ladies set to music with rhythm breaks.  Examples of rhythm breaks are shown in pictures.
3.     I Ain't Dancin' On Youtube
   Track 3 was written as a joke for a coworker.
   Images of beautiful cathedrals and churches from around the world.  An American address is given if you wish to help a school in a poor neighborhood of Krakow, Poland.
   Scenes of young and old couples set to music for Rhumba.
6.     Kostka's Waltz
   Images of student actvities set to waltz music. Students are in chemistry lab, music, track and field, hiking, swimming and performances.  An American address is given if you wish to help a school in a poor neighborhood of Krakow, Poland.
7.     Show Your Girl
   This could be your girlfriend.  Show her a good time.  Images of pretty ladies set to music.
8.     Mountain Theme
  Scenes of mountains, mountain homes and rivers set to tympany and string music.
9.     Joyful Melody
  Scenes from across the USA set to joyful music.
   Scenes from the road set to music.  Imagine:  Someone just left town without saying a word.
11.     Getting Down
  Music for west coast swing with rhythm breaks.  Examples of rhythm breaks are shown in pictures.
12.    Man Cave
  Cave images set to brass music.  The perfect "man cave".
13.    Just Rocking
  Rhythm breaks for west coast swing. Images of rock musicians and fans. Examples of rhythm breaks are shown in pictures.
14.    Cool Breeze
  Beach scenes set to pop music with rhythm breaks for west coast swing.
15.    Twilight
  Twilight scenes of beach sunsets, mountains and wildlife put to music.
16.    Midnight Blue
  West Coast Swing music with accents by overdriven guitar. Images of the Milky Way, full moon, blood moon, a stalking cat, stars in various settings, night lightning, aurora borealis, volcano and menacing night storms.
17.    Secret Agent
  Night and twilight scenes such as foreign cities, beaches, bridges, harbors, mountains, back alleys, and landmarks where one might find a secret agent lurking set to ominous music.
18.    Smoothly
  Scenes of ski slopes from around the world set to music. The music builds up with various instruments added over time.
19.    This Is Goodbye

20.    You're Gone

21.     Asturias Leyenda
   Isaac Albeniz wrote Asturias in the 1890s for piano.  Andreas Segovia has perhaps the most famous transcription for guitar.  The video shows scenes from Spain and is written as a soft rock arrangement.
22.     Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh
  This music was written for Christmas and Epiphany.  The video shows images in the life of Jesus, beginning with the Annunciation, Birth, angels, shepherds, Magi or 3 Kings, King Herod, the flight into Egypt, the slaughter of the innocents, and ending with Jesus and His Apostles at the Sermon on the Mount.
  As of this date, Shazam correctly identifies my music.

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